Snowed In

Proof of our latest and greatest snow storm.

There’s not much that can keep us Minnesotan’s down. In ’91, Halloween went on as scheduled. Although scarves, hats, and winter coats covered up costumes. And I think any parent who trick-or-treated with their child that year deserves a “Parent-of-the-year” award. So, it was no surprise when this weekend, even with up to 20 inches of snow in parts of the Mpls/St. Paul area, Minnesota forged on. Kinda.

Friday night the snow began. And it didn’t stop until Saturday night. Late Saturday night. Temperatures dipped dangerously low on Saturday and they remained rather chilly on Sunday. Thank you, Winnipeg for the cold front.

Most of Minnesota’s got buckets of snow. Piles. Mountains. Truck loads.

Speaking of trucks. Even they didn’t fair so hot during Saturday’s snowstorm. That’s why I said we kinda forged ahead. I guess there really is such a thing as too much snow. Even for Minnesota. A state well-equipped to handle the precipitation.

You probably saw us on the news – the national news. What you may not know is that for us, the newspaper never came. The mail never arrived. Concerts were re-scheduled. Churches were closed. ACT tests were re-scheduled. Hockey games were postponed. The Gophers had to re-schedule their Saturday game to Sunday afternoon (a win and a tie). Mankato had to wait until Sunday to finish out their series with the Sioux (unfortunately the Sioux swept). We closed down MSP. Roads were closed to So. Dak. Shoppers braved the roads and tried to hit up the shops. The MOA closed early. Inevitably there were a lot of cars in the ditch. Thankfully, not my car. I stayed in doors. Because work, church, and my Panera-with-a-friend plans were all canceled.

But the key is: we tried. Minnesotan’s tried to go on with life as normal. To us, snow is normal. Well, maybe not 20 inches in 24-hours. And maybe not the following forecast (12/12) that just arrived in my Gmail in-box…


Tonight… Frigid. Wind chills -10 to -25.
Lows: -10 to -16
Winds: N/NW 3-10 mph

White Christmas? In Minnesota?

No problem.


I ask. You answer.

  1. What’s the biggest snow storm you’ve been ‘in’?

2 thoughts on “Snowed In

  1. I am SO SO SO excited to come home to that snow! I live just south of Mpls and am coming home for two weeks over the holidays where it “snowed,” or so they called it a snow. It was a white freckle you could barely see! Thanks for sharing about snow!

  2. “a white freckle” – nice! I have relatives up north and they didn’t even get snow this weekend. And I have friends and relatives in Colorado and it’s a balmy 64 degrees. We do what we can to make non-snowed in states jealous! Enjoy the snow when you get “home for the holidays!”

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