Home-made to last a lifetime

A simple ironing board. A typical iron. Together they accomplish tasks every household requires. And years ago, at the very back of my Christmas memories, I remember when the iron and the board came together to create a one-of-a-kind gift.

I remember I was a little squirt. Not very tall. Pony-tailed and bouncy. My parents and I (I don’t think my sister was around yet…) headed up north to visit my aunt and uncle and cousins in their hockey-loving town. And my older cousin, who always had the coolest outfits, told me I could make a gift for my mom. For a kid without any money (funny how that never changes), I thought it was a brilliant idea. With her ironing expertise, my cousin helped me create an iron-on masterpiece for my mom. I was jump-up-and-down-giggle-happy to make something so special. And it was all the more special because my cousin made it with me.

That was eons ago. At least 22 Christmases ago. But my mom still has it – that iron-on kiddie craft. And every year we pull it out, I ask if she remembers that I made it for her with my cousin. Of course she remembers. I won’t let her forget. I don’t think she ever could forget. Because those are the gifts you give and receive that your heart won’t let you forget.

Those are the home-made gifts that last a lifetime.


I ask. You answer.

  1. What’s your favorite home-made Christmas gift that you gave?
  2. What’s your favorite home-made Christmas gift that you received?

One thought on “Home-made to last a lifetime

  1. I do not think that I can name a FAVORITE..but I love giving blankets and picture frames! Those are some of my favorite gifts received too!!

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