Cookie cutter fun

As you probably know by now, last weekend Minnesotan’s (in my part of the state) were snowed in. But it turned out to be a wonderful thing. I listened to Christmas music. I watched parts of White Christmas. I addressed Christmas cards. I baked. With my mother’s supervision!

We baked all weekend. The house smelled like molasses, vanilla, almond, and Christmas. Since I was a little kid, every Christmas my family makes an abundance of cookies and I will never forget sampling tray after tray at my grandma’s house. I always knew which aunt was going to bring lefse, flatbread, the chocolate cookies with Andes Mints, cut outs, rusks, etc!

Here’s a peek at what I baked (with my mother’s supervision) this weekend!

I must say, I'm rather proud of my frosting abilities!

And my raspberry preserve filling and frosting drizzling abilities are pretty decent...

Oh, and we also made caramels. Lots of caramels. I wrapped them!

White cookies baked and cooled, I addressed greeting cards!

One snowstorm. I squeezed a whole lot of Christmas out of it!


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