Coming in January: Wednesday Wars

Wednesdays are just that. Wednesdays. Weird to spell. Long and boring. Stuck at work. People often wish they were Fridays. Wednesdays.

In an attempt to jazz up MN Meditations, let’s be honest, it needs some help, I’m starting a new “project.” And I’m stealing the title of Gary D. Schmidt’s Newberry Honor book to do it. His book, which I’ve actually never read, is about a seventh grade boy growing up in the 1960’s. You can read the Amazon link, if you’d like.

It’s not the content of the book, the story line, or the characters that I wish to discuss in my own Wednesday Wars. Just the title. Because in my Wednesday Wars, I’m going to wage a word war against myself. Often times I feel as though I can easily take a stance on an “issue” – controversial, hot, funny, etc. and firmly believe in my stance. But then there’s always a part of me that gets the other side of the coin. That understands where other people are coming from. I may not fully allow myself to indulge in those thoughts. I don’t purposely entertain them. But they are there. And they are mine.

Sometimes, to spice things up, I may challenge a guest blogger (AKA a friend) to a duel, a battle of words, and duke it out right here for your amusement. We’ll both take a stand on an issue, whether we “believe” in it whole heatedly or not, and we’ll fight for it.

On Wednesdays, if you stop by MN Meditations, bring your helmet and shield and be prepared for war.


I ask. You answer.

  1. Have you read Gary D. Schmidt’s book The Wednesday Wars?
  2. Suggestions for topics for my new project: Wednesday Wars?
  3. Are you interested in battling me in my new Wednesday Wars?

One thought on “Coming in January: Wednesday Wars

  1. First of all..I love this idea! I am super excited to have a “heated” discussion via your blog. No, I have never heard or Wednesday Wars, but it might be a good book…who knows. As for ideas..none right now..just mix it up..I hope some are funny, serious, etc…nevertheless they will all be entertaining.

    PS I like the snow falling….

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