French Fry Fridays

In an attempt to jazz up this blog (see “Wednesday Wars”), I’m trying to generate some new ideas on weekly “specials.” And I’m into alliterations and french fries. Who doesn’t like greasy fried potatoes? So, “French Fry Fridays” is now going to be a weekly staple on  MN Meditations.

As I type, I’m still not entirely sure what “French Fry Fridays” will look like. But I can imagine it to be something where you feel good. Where it makes you remember something happy. Where you can indulge and not feel guilty. Where eating a cookie will not result in months of carrot sticks and juicing. Where you’ll go, “Ah, it’s nice to be here.” Where I’ll post a picture, a verse, a video, a quote, an article that brings feelings of happiness. Where your bubble can’t be burst. Your thunder can’t be stolen. Because you’ll be here. For Fridays and french fries.

Have a French Fry Friday kind of day!


I ask. You answer.

  1. What kinds of things do you want to see here on “French Fry Fridays”?
  2. What makes you happy? Smile? Laugh? Relax?
  3. Is anybody else hungry for french fries?

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