Wednesday Wars: Pad versus Paper

Wednesday Wars. My first one. Bear with me if it’s a little rough!

I’ve heard this debated in recent months and thought I’d try my hand at it.

Side one: Pad

With the surge in iPad’s, iPhones, tablet PC’s, and other tech-savvy tools, who needs pen and paper? Everything can be streamlined and smooth with text messages, e-mails, Facebook posts, Tweets, and Google chats.

No one needs to scrounge around for pen and paper. Phone numbers are immediately added to phones without the use of any form of paper product – just punched in on the spot. Mead 5 Star notebooks are a thing of the past with the ease of Macbooks and PC’s – college lecture notes don’t get smeared or smudged, wet or worn when they are typed in neat little Word docs ready to print and study from. Office e-mails and typed memos fly around in a fashion reminiscent of classroom paper airplanes. Mark in marketing does not have to stare at a handwritten note from Peter in publishing in order to decipher whether the meeting is in Conference Room 3 or cursive Z, trying to remember if such rooms even exist. Moms can now text their children with lists of chores and after-school pick-up locations instead of hoping their kid sees the yellow post-it sticker that fell off the kitchen counter and is now sitting in the dog’s stomach.

It seems so simple. Grab a Pad and go. Flip open your PC and type away. Scroll through your phone and click-clack-cluck. Easy. Portable. Mess-free. Legible.

Hold on. Because side two is ready to talk: Paper

Paper and pencil. It seems so archaic in today’s high-tech world. Why do we need paper and pencil? Why do we need to learn handwriting skills?

Because technology fails us. As reliable as it can be, it is not always there for us when we need it. Internet is not always connected. Wi-Fi can be touch and go. E-mails don’t always send. Texts get lost in the waves. Office e-mails get accidentally deleted.

But paper is always there. In many forms. Notebooks, notepads, sticky notes, bond paper, business cards, napkins, paper towels, toilet paper…,etc. Even if paper is not available, the good old write-on-the-hand-bottom-of-the-sneaker trick always works.

So, if you ask me, I think paper is just getting started. Post-it notes are cuter today than in the past. You can get personalized stationary to match your personality. Pens and pencils are funky and fresh – and I’m not referring to Lisa Frank and Yikes pencils. Handwriting is crucial. Don’t you admire someone with awesome handwriting? Don’t you wish you could write calligraphy like Leopold (the movie — Kate and Leopold).

But it’s not up for me to decide. Tell me, who wins? Pad or Paper?


I ask. You answer.

  1. Who wins? Pad or Paper?
  2. Do you think school’s should stop teaching kids handwriting skills due to the technology-rich world we live in?
  3. How often do you write handwritten notes, letters, etc.?

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wars: Pad versus Paper

  1. 1.Who wins? Pad or Paper? In my opinion, paper out rules pad. I make myself paper lists miles long, its easies to carry, and most of the time reliable unless your dog happens to eat it.
    2.Do you think school’s should stop teaching kids handwriting skills due to the technology-rich world we live in? O MY GOSH! NO!!!!! is this actually going on?
    3.How often do you write handwritten notes, letters, etc.? I write handwritten notes daily, and letters probably weekly, and plus who doesnt enjoy getting handwritten mail..duh…
    even though technology is really cool..paper wins…i think i am going to enjoy wednesday wars!

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