Wednesday Wars: Disc versus Digital

Wednesday Wars. Round two. I hope you can recognize the sarcasm in this post…

Side one: Disc

Remember the days of waiting. And waiting. For your favorite artist or band to come out with their latest and greatest CD? And then rushing to the store on a Tuesday after school to pick it up for $9.99. You’d rip open the annoying packaging and safety-seal stickers. And there it was. Your copy. Your very own piece of musical magic. All the way home you’d listen to your new CD, memorizing the words and reading through the lyrics, making sure you knew what you were singing so you didn’t look like an idiot in front of your friends. You’d call all your friends the minute your mom parked the mini-van and tell them to come over because you got it! The CD of the century! Hours upon hours would be spent pouring over the lyrics, staring at the artist’s pictures, replaying the CD in your boom box over and over again. And you were in CD paradise. Nothing could upset you.

Except for when the CD skipped because of a scratch.

Side two came to the rescue: Digital

Tales are told of a college genius named Napster, who started the entire internet, digital music craze. An accurate telling of the Napster story can be seen in the Mark Wahlberg movie, The Italian Job. The digital world of music made it easy to preview, listen, and inevitably steal music. Law-abiding citizens waited until more legal forms of digital music downloading entered the scene.

Unlike those clumsy, scratch-prone CD’s, digital music (legal music like iTunes) allowed people to categorize and store their music in easy-to-use formats. And remember those CD’s that you purchased only to find out that you hated every song on the album except for one? Always such a bummer when you paid Target’s $12.99 special for thirteen songs you hated and one you could listen to on the radio every single day. So, iTunes saved us from wasting our money. We can now preview songs before we purchase (1 minute and 30 second song clips!) and we can pick and choose songs from an album. Except for when iTunes stupidly makes you purchase the entire album in order to get one song! If I wanted to do that, I’d drive to the store and buy the clunky CD myself!

Which do you prefer, Disc or Digital?


I ask. You answer.

  1. What was your favorite CD purchase of your childhood/youth?
  2. Do you still buy CD’s or do you stick strictly to iTunes (digital music)?
  3. What was your biggest CD disappointment?

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wars: Disc versus Digital

  1. I LOVE iTunes and other digital music..I have no idea where my life would be without it. I use it daily. But, there is the occasional CD purchase..mostly country artist like Rascall Flatts or Jason Aldean..ones that I KNOW I will love.

  2. I no longer buy CD’s. My last CD was a Christmas album (last year) and it was only because iTunes didn’t sell it. It was torture to buy it! I’ll burn CD’s from playlists, but even that is more rare for me these days! But i have yet to go ALL digital

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