French Fry Fridays: Target

Target store in MN. Photo from (a new favorite blog that I now subscribe to)!

Target is a store I frequent. Yes, it is true. But it’s more than just a retailer.

It’s my childhood. It’s my youth. It’s my college days. It’s my adult days. All in one store.

The superstores have gotten fancier. The food courts much better. The brands have improved. But it’s still Target.

On Friday nights, in high school and college, I often wound up at Target. Sometimes alone. Sometimes with a whole posse. Sometimes I had a list. Sometimes I did not. It didn’t matter. Because I was there. Enjoying my time.

And that’s what matters. Not how much money I spend. Or how much money I save. Not how many $1 items I load into my basket.


What matters are the memories. The laughs. Oh, there were many. The stories we tell over and over again. That’s what matters most.

Maybe you don’t have Targets in your area. Maybe for you it’s a different store. Like Kmart, Pamida, Kroger, Zellers, etc. Whatever your store, whatever your story, you have one. And it’s your very own special place. To shop and laugh.

Have a French Fry Friday kind of day!


4 thoughts on “French Fry Fridays: Target

  1. Vadim & I just went to Target last night after work and we were kids in a candy store. Love this post! It takes me back to why I simply love Target:)

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