Doing nothing

I’m not complaining about hard work, I love working hard. And I used to think that I loved being busy. Doing stuff and going 100mph 24/7.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized how much I require “me time.” How much I need to stop, drop, and roll with it. Even if that means doing nothing – and that’s hard for me to admit.

I’m one of those make-a-list-for-every-stinkin’-thing-in-life people and being lazy is hard for me. Harder than working hard. I find doing nothing hard work. To actually force myself to sit still and lounge…not something that comes naturally. Even when I’m sick, I have a hard time letting myself rest. Even when I’m watching TV, I’m typically ironing or folding laundry, working on my computer, or cleaning whatever needs to be cleaned.

Take today, I had every intention of doing a million things I need to do. But the couch had a strong pull. I caved. And then immediately saw my to-do list flash before my eyes. I forced myself to stay on the couch until it became unbearable. When I finally got up, I went into hyper speed. And completed many minute tasks that are now out of the way and done with.

Lately, I’ve been hearing  a lot about finding the right balance in life – be it eating and exercising, work and home, saving and spending, etc. I completely understand the importance of balance.

Though I often wonder if sometimes we have to get out of balance in order to find our balance. Wobbling and flailing my arms is something I do quite frequently – in many aspects of my life – and the I’ll-never-catch-up mindset is like a monkey on my back. I have to fight it. And tell myself that some days doing nothing is the best thing you can do.

Do nothing. It’s worth doing all those some things.


I ask. You answer.

  1. Do you feel guilty when you don’t “do” things on your “days off?”
  2. How do you look past what you have to do and just relax?

2 thoughts on “Doing nothing

  1. I only sometimes feel guilty for not doing anything, but then looking back on it I always do something. But I am very good about taking “me” time…I guess its just in my nature..I have no idea how I do it.

    • On your days off, do you do “house” chores or do you veg? I’m assuming you do both…you do like “me” time — reading, baking Christmas cookies, watching movies, etc. Good for you! I hope to get better at it some day soon! 🙂 Maybe we should have “me” time together??!?!

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