Rediscovering a classic

My love of specific bands comes in waves. Oftentimes I hear one song from a new album, fall in love, and overplay the thing until I can’t even remember why I liked it in the first place.

TV shows and movies often spur my love of songs. But as of late, oh, probably the past three years, nothing has influenced my music choices more than the NHL and Gopher hockey.

If you’re thinking I’m pathetic, keep the thought to yourself.

See, the NHL, Versus, and FSN all create their own commercials for specific games, events, seasons, playoffs, etc. And those songs, the songs they choose, end up playing multiple times on my television set. And then I become obsessed with the songs and download them.

This year Versus and FSN have brought Switchtfoot to my attention, again. Back in high school (or was it middle school?) when A Walk to Remember came out and whats his face and Mandy Moore swept us up in romantic visions of dramatic teen love, I purchased the soundtrack and fell in love with Switchfoot.

The love fizzled out.

But the spark was definitely re-ignited this January with my new favorite hockey commercial.


I ask. You answer.

  1. Does TV play a role in your music selection?
  2. Any specific songs from TV, movies, commercials, etc. that made you buy a CD or download a specific song?

2 thoughts on “Rediscovering a classic

  1. YES! If I am watching a tv show and I don’t recognize the song Iquick type the lyrics into my phone so they will never be forgotten!

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