French Fry Fridays: New Kicks

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New kicks.

I’m not a shoe fanatic. I like shoes. I wear shoes. I enjoy nice shoes. I buy shoes. I don’t go crazy over shoes.

But I admit. Nothing beats new, just-out-of-the-box sneakers. Squeaky clean and rubber soled. Ready to run. Ready to rumble. White and bright. Shiny and silver. Black and bold. Red and rowdy. Blue and brawny. Purple and passionate. The colors stand out. They speak to you – to who you are as a shoe wearer, a person, a runner, a walker, a sidewalk tapper.

Nothing beats new kicks. Finding the perfect pair of sneaks. Trying them on in the store. Walking on air. Purchasing them. And taking them home. Pulling them out of the box. Admiring them. And wearing them.

For a season or two, they suit you. They fit you. They are yours and yours alone. And then the cycle repeats itself. You head back to the store. And you get to feel the new feel. Smell the new smell. And buy new kicks.

Have a French Fry Friday kind of day!


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