Crunch. Crunch. Munch!

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“I’ll just have a salad.”

That’s not me.

I eat meat. And fish. And seafood. I eat side salads.

But I rarely eat just a salad.

Except on Monday.

I ate a salad. A homemade salad.

Dinner rolls from Breadsmith on Grand were drying and about to “go bad.” I salvaged them. Cut them up. Olive oiled them up. And sprinkled Penzeys Italian Herb Mix onto them. Convection baked them for about 10 minutes at 325 F. And devoured them.

I had some fresh parm left over from the fettuccine alfredo sauce i made the other night! and grated it over my fresh spring salad!

The crunch from the croutons was incredible. The Italian Herb Mix was phenomenal on the dinner rolls. And my salad was amazing. Fresh. Homemade. And I had just a salad.

Since I was in a home-making mode, hello, I made croutons from scratch, I made myself some piping hot, hot chocolate. With a scoop, or two, of mint chocolate-chip ice cream. No, I did not steal the idea from Martha Stewart. I came up with it before I read it in her Real Simple mag.

I never drink coffee drinks or specialty drinks. I never buy coffee drinks from Caribou. But I can't resist a once-in-a-while cup of hot cocoa in the Keurig!


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