MN Winter. It’s still here.

Winter. It hasn’t left us yet. Minnesotans are still privileged to enjoy its bitingly cold winds and snowstorms.

Pretty as it is, it is cold and long.

The shovel will stay handy until April. Winter coats are put away in May. And sweatshirts stay out year-round.

Winter’s here are harsh on the skin and soul. The weather is weary and dreary many days. But I’ve found some tricks to make it bearable. Some tools that are irreplaceable. And I’m willing to share them with you!

1. Little Hotties – Hand and Toe warmers

These little guys are life-savers. I was given a few packs at the Jaycee’s Ice Fishing Extravaganza (2010) and fell in love. I use them when I run (although, I haven’t run outdoors since December).

2. Under Armour Cold Gear. I abhor super tight-fitting clothes. It reminds me of wearing tights as a kid. I refuse to wear wet-suits/dry-suits when I waterski in early June/late September. I buck-up and take it like a girl. But in the winter, I cannot go without my Under Armour Cold Gear.


Arc’ teryx jacket. I bought one to use as my “rain” jacket. Because it keeps you bone-dry. But I wear it in the winter over my baselayers (when I run…) and it keeps the wind away and the cold out. Arc’teryx is worth every penny.


Dry, cracked, and often bleeding hands, need relief. Thank goodness for Aveda. Their Hand Relief is more than just “hand cream.” It is medicine in a tube. I use this every night and I have multiple mini-Hand Reliefs floating around my home, purse, car, and office. Trust me, you won’t be able to use your old hand lotion again.

5. Klondike Sterling Glove. Thank you, Canada.

These little dudes keep me toasty warm. They are everything you want in a mitten.

Great for broomball, street hockey, sledding, walks in the woods, and just your average Minnesota day.

6. If you move here, the first purchase you must make – a shovel.

Snowblowers are important, too. But you can’t get anywhere without a shovel. At your house and in your trunk. I keep a little one in my trunk if I ever need to shovel out my car from a ditch…Not like I know what that’s like.

It really doesn’t matter what kind of shovel you get. As long as you get one.

7. Boots. Uggly ones. I’m sorry if you own a pair. I’m sorry that I own a pair. But I think these are the single worst foot fashion to hit the stores since those horrible jelly sandals. I just bought a pair of Ugg knock-offs because I couldn’t bear the thought of knowingly spending money on shoes I hate. But winter required that I put something on my feet other than tennis shoes.

Can someone please predict when these will go out of style and something cuter and just as warm will come along?

8. The North Face’s TKA fleece pull-over is my all-time favorite fleece. I wear it a lot. Pictures prove it…

9. Burt’s Bees.

I considered doing a post entirely on Burt’s Bees and so I snapped photos of my favorite chapsticks. These suckers fall out of my pockets, car, desk drawers, purse, jacket, etc. I’ve got them everywhere. The medicated chapstick is a must-wear whenever you “play” outside.

10. The knowledge that spring will arrive. Maybe in March. Hopefully in April. And for sure by June.


I ask. You answer.

  1. What gets you through the winter?
  2. Any other recommendations for a winter survival kit?

2 thoughts on “MN Winter. It’s still here.

  1. I agree with everything on this list except for the running outside part. ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!?
    Other winter musts…hot cocoa, flannel sheets, and the thought of spring coming SOON! (even though I enjoy winter)

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