Mistaken perfection


Perfectionist. That’s me. To a T.

I have to get things right. Right away. Or else. I’m not perfect.

It’s a flaw. Perfection. And I’m a flawed perfectionist.

But I strive for it. In everything that I do. Because that’s who I am. Because that’s what I believe I am supposed to do.

But I’m not perfect. And I make mistakes. On this blog, grammatically, and in life, dramatically.

I don’t like to show my weaknesses. I don’t like when people see them.

Once you get to know me, you see that I am a perfect example of a perfectionist.

And you’ll understand how much it bothers me when I mess up. When I don’t do something right. When I don’t get it perfect on the first try.

Practice makes perfect. That phrase bothers me. Because I prefer to practice perfection.

Bear with me as I work on my perfection problem. There will be many mistakes on my road to perfection.

That’s why I’m going to struggle in the art of mistake making. Because I can’t settle for anything less than perfect. Even when I make a mistake.


I ask. You answer.

  1. Are you a perfectionist?
  2. Do you think we expect perfection out of ourselves because of pressure from others or pressure from self?
  3. When was the last time you made a mistake that you hated to admit?
  4. Why do we think we can ever achieve perfection? No human being will ever be perfect – yet we keep trying – why?

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