Enough with the banana splits.


Splits. No sweeps.

It’s past old.

The standings tell all.

And it’s so disappointingly annoying.

Because another season is coming to an end. The possibility of a Final Five appearance…on the brink of disappearing. Frozen Four – what’s that?

For fans, we’re saying, “Again?”

This weekend’s performance up at the new Amsoil Arena in Duluth proves why we’re frustrated. A tie. A loss.

January 28-29 series against AA proves why we’re frustrated. A tie. A loss. Seriously. A loss. To AA? Yeah.

This up-coming weekend’s series against #1 ranked DU scares us.

The excuse, I mean, reasoning behind all this: Bad bounces. Bad refs. Bad breaks (Barriball’s undisclosed injury on Saturday is not what the Gophs need right now).

All around – Bad News Bears.

A lot of things need to fall into place for the Gophs. A lot of players need to step it up for the Gophs.

There’s some hope. Some players with a jump in their step (Cepis, Fairchild, Sacchetti, Helgeson, and Hoeffel). With a determination to drive to the net. Players who aren’t afraid to muck it up and work for the dirty goals.

But these banana splits. These ties. These losses.

They’ve gotta end.

Or else there’s gonna be trouble my friends, right here in River City.

* Stay tuned for Wednesday Wars this coming Wednesday when I delve deeper into the world of MN hockey.



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