I get the feeling

I’m not a parent. I’m not even an aunt.

I’m just a twenty-something girl who has been around kids her entire life. Kids that have grown up. Whose ages now make me feel old. Kids I once babysat. Whose stories I still remember.

There’s one kid I will never forget. One that sticks out the most. One that I watched many summers ago.

Life seasons have changed that kid into the adult the world now knows.

And I get it. The proud parent feeling. When you want to shout from the rooftops all the amazing things your kid has done. I get why parents buy “my kids’ on the honor roll” bumper stickers.

I get the feeling.

Not because I’m a parent. Not because I’m wanting to take credit for anything this kid-now-adult has done or will do.

But when you’ve done as many amazing things as this kid-now-adult has done, it deserves to be shared.

So, here’s me. Sharing what another person’s kid has done. And anticipating even more proud parent moments in the near and distant future.



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