French Fry Fridays: Laptop

You've Got Mail

This, the picture in this post, is why laptops were created.

I’m sitting with my own laptop, Pottery Barn covers tossed about my bed, four pillows propped up behind me, and feeling very Meg Ryanish.

I could probably devote an entire week to posts revolving around You’ve Got Mail – one of my all-time favorite “chick flicks” – Nora Ephron’s brilliant and witty film about “the book business” circa 1998. Oh, the good old days.

But. There are too many favorite scenes and lines to list in this post.

Besides, the point of this post is about comfort and laptops.

The comfort of a laptop perched on your lap while sweat pants-ed out in your own cozy bed is the epitome of a French Fry Friday kind of day.


I ask. You answer.

  1. Laptops in bed? Good or bad?
  2. Favorite You’ve Got Mail line or scene?

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