we live here, why?


All I’ve heard since 5:30a – the sound of hard-working snow blowers plowing out driveway after driveway. Why? Oh, ya know. Just a little dusting of 10+ inches.

I tried leaving the house today at 7:15a. Got stuck in the road.

Reverse. Drive. Reverse. Drive. Reverse. Drive.

You get the picture.

Next vehicle will be 4WD.

Somehow I made it around the block and a neighbor pushed me around corners.

Now, I’m back in the comfort of my Lazy chair, Ivy League branded sweats, watching HGTV (House Hunters marathon – score!), and trying not to look outside at the falling snow.

I can hear you asking, “why do you live there?”

Because it’s Minnesota. And in the months when the snow falls, there’s hockey. A lot of hockey! Well worth it.

*On the must-attend agenda this week:

Wild vs. Oilers game on Tuesday @ the X

Girls’ State High School Hockey Tournament on Thursday @ the X

Gopher vs. Michigan Tech game on Friday @ Mariucci


4 thoughts on “we live here, why?

  1. We live here because we love the snow..not just because of the hockey. I am jealous of you and your sweat pants and house hunters marathon!

    • I feel like if I lived in NYC, I’d love the snow during the Christmas season…and then, just like here in MN, I’d be sick of it for the rest of the winter! There are pros and cons to both locations…unfortunately for us, if cars and public transportation are unable to transport us, we cannot walk anywhere….we’re too spread out…

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