Wednesday Wars: Call or Text

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Wednesday Wars.

Side one: Call

It’s simple. You pick up the phone. You hit speed dial. And you talk. To a person. A living, breathing human being on the other end of the phone. You hear their voice. You hear the tone of their voice. You know if they’re alone or in a crowded place. It’s called a phone conversation. And it wouldn’t kill you to try it.

Side two: Text

Texting was invented for people who don’t like to talk. On the phone or at all. Dare I say, it was invented for men?

Text messages can be short. They can be mass produced to spread the word – cutting back on the chances of weird “telephone game” like situations where so and so hears from such and such that you said yackity-yack and everything gets all discombobulated and out of whack. Text messages are perfect for when you really don’t want to talk to someone – when you just need to relay a quick piece of info but don’t want to get caught up in a five-hour-long conversation that keeps you from completing important household tasks. They are also perfect if you’re in a place where quietness must be observed – a library, a quiet study room, a store where everyone is silent, a room full of sleeping people, a funeral home, a wedding, etc. It can also come in handy when an SOS message needs to be sent out but the people present with you cannot know of your SOS message. One example: you’re sitting in class, your professor is staring you down, and realize you forgot your speech notes sitting on your desk. You know your roommate hasn’t left yet, she’s always late, so you text her and ask her to grab your notes and bring them to your class before you present. Saved by the text.

Call or text? You be the judge.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wars: Call or Text

  1. Call. There are times for texting like you said..but sometimes that is even pushing the limit. SO SO SO rude to test during a wedding or funeral or event like that, but I am still going with call. Please fill us in on your position please meeg!

    • Well, first of all, I would love to call you more often…BUT your voice mail never works! 🙂 That’s why I text you! I dunno, I’m maybe fifty-fifty on this one…It honestly depends on the situation. But I feel like texting is less intrusive, same with e-mails.

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