Wednesday Wars: Plan or Whim

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Wednesday Wars.

Side one: Plan

The trip of a lifetime. Destinations have been decided. Travel books and websites have been thoroughly consulted. Planes, trains, automobiles – everything is booked and set. Hotels have beds waiting. Restaurants are reserved. Activities are scheduled. Clothes are washed, pressed, and packed. Emergency items have been organized, labeled, and properly stowed in carry-on’s and suitcases. Everyday is Excel spreadsheet-planned. Hours and minutes will not be wasted. Everything must be soaked in.

Your friends and family are set. You planned coordinating swimwear and evening attire. Shopping is a set activity and you already looked up the stores you want to visit. Everything is to a T.

Side two: Whim

You wake up one day and decided to take a trip. You jump online and Google a few locations. You grab pennies and nickels from an old jam jar and pack a duffel bag full of clothes. You phone a friend and pitch your idea. The friend agrees and meets you an hour later. You hit the road, Jack. Maps and snacks are purchased. Music is selected. And the road is yours. You drive. You ride. You sing. You laugh. You eat.

You get there when you get there. Food is found out of hunger and curiosity. You talk to locals and find good eats. Sight-seeing is what you make it – you don’t pay for the sights – you take them in. Stores are stumbled upon. Activities are spontaneous.

How do you like your trips – plan or whim?


  1. What are the pros to planning? What are the cons?
  2. What are the pros to whimming? (I know it’s not a real word). What are the cons?

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wars: Plan or Whim

  1. I say a little bit of both. I like to plan may vacations to a certain extent. Maybe decide where I am going and then go out on a limb when I arrive to see what there is to do, where there is to eat, etc. Talking to the locals and visiting cute little shops is one of my favorite things to do. There are pros and cons of both..sorry for the lack of detail!

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