March advice…to myself…

For those of us fortunate enough to live in an area that truly understands a “snow day,” I gotta say that this winter has been especially tough on me.

Not like a country song tough – I haven’t lost my dog, misplaced my gun, or taken a baseball bat to some loser-guy’s truck.

I’ve just  been stuck inside way too much. Sitting. Eating. Sleeping (one can dream, right?).

There’s been a lot of inactivity, let’s put it that way.

I Facebook “LIKE” running and working out.

Yet, the few times I’ve been out running it has been either brutally cold or mildly warm. Thus, my running has been infrequent. Inconsistent.

My non-running days, basically every day this winter, were supposed to be spent indoors – pulling out my yoga mat, lifting neoprene dumbbells, strapping on ankle weights, and getting yelled at by random celebrity trainers on On Demand exercise videos.

Good intentions are all I have to show for this winter’s workout schedule. Wait, I take that back. I started out pretty strong – last summer I got into a running groove and really felt like I was on track. But with all the running, I started slacking on my lifting and toning. Still, in the fall and early winter, I was doing great. Granted, the weather was still rather warm (I ran in shorts in November — about a week before Thanksgiving).

And then the North Wind blew strong and cold from Canada, Winnipeg, no doubt, bringing us freezing temps and chilly winds. When it did, I froze. I burrowed into a hole and curled up for warmth.

Some days I talked myself into dragging out the mat and grabbing various exercise balls to lift and throw and kick. Some days I turned on the TV and followed the instructions of various trainers and celebrities (although I’m hesitant to actually call either of them real celebrities…). Some days I layerd it up and headed for the snow-packed streets, breathing in the frigid air.

But there were some days, a lot of days, when I was too tired. Days when it was too cold. Too snowy. Too early. Too late.

Days when I was too lazy.

I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions, I never really do, so it’s not like my lack of exercising is some type of rebellion against my New Year’s resolution list.


It’s lack of motivation. Lack of determination.

But I think I’m putting the “m” back in motivation.

I think I’m finding that inner determination.

Not because I want to look the best. Not because I want to fit into some crazy outfit. Not because I have spring break coming up (never mind the fact that I don’t have a spring break). Not because I just had a baby and need to get back to my “original size” (pay close attention to the “NOT” in this sentence. That’s how rumors get started, people).


It’s because I think better, clearer, when I’m working out regularly. I feel better. I’m nicer. I’m more patient. I’m smarter. I’m humbler (apparently not).

Take my advice, my March Madness advice to myself…and lace up your Nike’s, throw on some layers, plug into your tunes and run away.


I ask. You answer.

  1. Do you get kind of “sluggish” in your workouts come this time of year?
  2. How do you stay motivated in the winter?
  3. Who or what inspires you to workout?
  4. Any great workout ideas or tips?

3 thoughts on “March advice…to myself…

  1. I find it very sluggish during the winter… Hard to maintain motivation to stick to a training regime… I have retreated to the treadmill a lot this winter.
    I stay motivated in the winter thinking about spring. I find staying active throughout the winter makes the winter go by faster.
    Marathoning inspires me in the winter… Marathon videos on Youtube and watching Ironman videos on Youtube.
    A short run is better then no run!


    • So true! I am not a big “go to the gym” person…and exercise equipment doesn’t agree with me….bad childhood experiences…but I think thinking about spring is definitely a motivator. Marathons…yikes…I think that is the type of goal I need to set – or even a half marathon, 5K, or something. It would give me a reason to run! Thanks for commenting!

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