French Fry Fridays: Radio

A regular old Friday. An ordinary drive. Off to a plain-Jane location. Blah.

Your day and your week have been anything but exciting. And you’re exhausted.

You sigh. Open the car door. Situate yourself behind the wheel. And turn the key. You buckle your seat belt because it’s the law and back out onto the street.

Two minutes into your average-Joe drive and you change the radio station. A commercial you’ve heard a million times is wrapping up with its usual tag line. You’re about to change the station again, but then it’s back to the music. And you hear it. Could it be? The first few notes sound like…maybe…wait for it…YES!

One of your favorite songs just came on the radio. You smile at your luck. You crank up the volume. And sing-along.

Suddenly, it’s a good day!

Whatever the genre, band, or era, the music that fills your car on gloomy, non-special-occasion days is so much more than just another song. It’s your song. The song of the day. The one that reminds you to lighten up. That things will be ok. That life goes on.

Turn your radio on. Turn your radio up.

And have a French Fry Friday kind of day!


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