Wednesday Wars: to speak or not to speak


Side one: saying it like it is.

Remember when you were a kid and you just blurted out whatever happened to float into your brain?

There was no filter.

You didn’t care what people thought. If people laughed, they laughed. If they got upset, they got upset. You didn’t really care. You just said what you said. Did what you did.

And don’t you just love adults, grown-up kids, who say what they are thinking and mean it? Who straight talk and don’t care how you respond or what you think of what they said. Those people in your life that can be so blunt, baseline rude and crude, and yet, no one cares. Because they said what everyone is thinking. They expressed what everyone is feeling.

When you have those moments, don’t you like them? Like them, I mean, love them! When you just lay out your opinions, wide open spaces, and don’t care what people think.

Speak up!

Side two: better to remain silent…

Childhood is a time to say whatever pops into your head. Adulthood is a time to monitor your words – a time to think before you speak.

Opinions are opinions for a reason. Not everyone wants to hear them. There are some things you just don’t speak of. Some things you do not voice. There are some words and viewpoints that, if audibly expressed, can land you in big trouble, mister.

That’s why we have a brain. A brain that helps us wade through our thoughts and sift out the ones acceptable to say in public, or in the company of others. Thoughts that can actually leave our lips.

If someone wants your opinion, they’ll ask for it. No one wants unsolicited mumbo-jumbo from you all the time. No one wants to hear what you’re really thinking or feeling about their new haircut, new shirt, new car, new boyfriend/girlfriend. So, why bother saying what you want to say? Say what they want to hear.

Silence your speech.


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