French Fry Friday: favorite sweater

NY Magazine 2006

Sweaters are a must-wear in the winters. Gone are the days of childhood when I’d whine because a sweater was “itchy,” or I didn’t want to wear the matching themed turtleneck underneath. But even during those years, I had some sweaters that I liked. A lot. That I wore. A lot.

And that hasn’t changed. Sure, the styles and colors and prints have changed. My size has changed. My brand preferences have changed. But I still wear sweaters – minus the matching turtlenecks.

In fact, I have some favorite sweaters. Two to be exact. They are rather simple. Crew necks. Wool. The colors are basic, neutral. The brands, well known. Both have been part of my wardrobe for a number of years now, barely showing signs of wear. Don’t let that fool you. Because I wear them both. All the time.

Were you to see me on a weekly basis, or look through my photos, you may get the impression that I only have two sweaters. I might as well. They are my favorite sweaters. My go-to sweaters. The ones I always love to wear. The ones I feel comfortable in. The ones I feel like myself in.

So, with winter almost behind us (I’m so optimistic), pull out your favorite sweater and relish every minute wearing it.

Have a French Fry Friday kind of day!


I ask. You answer.

  1. Favorite sweater as a kid? As a high schooler? In college?
  2. Current favorite sweater(s)?
  3. What style sweaters do you prefer?
  4. Do you change your sweaters based on the current fashion trends, or do you stick to your faves no matter what?

One thought on “French Fry Friday: favorite sweater

  1. I do not remember wearing sweaters as a kid, although I am sure I did. Right now, there are for sure favorites…basic simple V neck sweaters that you can wear with anything (almost).

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