Screaming helps

The Sioux did it again. Despite my cheering – against them – they pulled off their second consecutive Final Five win. I was hoping maybe somebody would pull a Blake Wheeler (a Gopher player I didn’t actually love…) and hand UND the disappointment they deserved…but…it wasn’t meant to be.

Thus, I screamed

And I didn’t heed Sir Elton John’s advice on Friday, or on Saturday night, when I let the sun go down on me…

Two OT’s (sounds vaguely familiar — oh yes, that’s right, I wanted Duluth East to beat Eden Prairie last weekend on Saturday…at the X…in OT…) and I was definitely impressed with DU’s pace, scoring ops, and skating late in the game. The Sioux weren’t necessarily bringing on the heat in the third period or the OT’s – DU definitely dominated the play (thanks to Sam Brittain’s stand-on-your-head-saves).

And then…like always (and like last weekend’s State Championship game) the Sioux got a lucky bounce and scored a flukey-flimsy goal (in my opinion) against a worn-down DU team who got caught off guard at the wrong place, wrong time, to win the biggest tourney in all of D1 college hockey.


Of course Final Five MVP, Matt Frattin (compared to Jonathan Toews’ and Zach Parise’s playing styles) would get the game-winner. Just one of the many Sioux players I can’t stand.


Let me back up because this point cannot be missed and I’m afraid my screaming drowned out what I was trying to say – to win the biggest tourney in all of D1 college hockey.”

That’s right.

Truly. All of D1 college hockey.

No other conference can ever compare to the WCHA.

Believe me. I know.

I watched bits and pieces of ECAC games.


I could go on. And on. And on.

But I don’t want to get hate mail.

And I’d like to still get Christmas cards from Cousin B.

While I am still rather bitter about UND’s win – again – I give Hakstol’s boys an itsy-bitsy-teeny-tiny bit of credit for winning the toughest trophy in all of college hockey…congrats


Screaming helps.


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