The Lou

This morning’s paper, not read this morning (thanks to the fact that I had to shovel off wet, heavy snow from my car – I scraped and brushed with my left hand and sprayed de-icer on the windows with my right – I’m ambidextrous  when it comes to my snow clearing) contained a quote that must be shared here.

The movie, Miracle, is one I watch in the summer after the Stanley Cup and NHL Draft have wrapped up, and the names of characters in the movie are so familiar – so Minnesotan. Here, we talk about Herb Brooks like some people talk about their favorite uncle. Bill Baker is the dentist of some of my friends. Neal Broten is a relative of a person I went to college with.

And Lou – well, Lou Nanne is the face of old-time Minnesota hockey (Lou Nanne Sr. not to be confused with his very talented grandson, Lou Nanne, of the Edina Hornets). Lou is a big-time presence at the Boys’ State High School Hockey Tournament as a TV announcer. A voice I’ve grown to know quite well over the years.

And this morning, Lou’s voice was in our St. Paul paper, sharing his thoughts on Big Ten hockey. First of all, he’s a fan of the conference, whereas I am still not convinced. Maybe that’s why I didn’t sleep well last night? I’m not joking.

But despite his enthusiasm for the Gophers moving from the WCHA to the Big Ten, he made the point that the Christmas tourney the Gophs play in every December needs to be eliminated. He thinks they should have a Minnesota-only tourney. He has a bunch of other ideas, too.  And apparently he’s going to take things up with Mr. AD himself, Joel Maturi. More power to ya, Nanne. Can someone give Lou the authority to fire the AD??

Further, in regards to the Christmas tourney, Nanne clearly isn’t interested in watching no-name schools play during the most wonderful time of the year. Who is? They can get their own tournament.

“I don’t want to go watch the weaker schools from the East; I don’t care about them.”

Couldn’t agree with ya more, Nanne.

You most certainly are The Lou.


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