Wednesday Wars: Common vs. Unique

Everyone is well aware of the hottest topic in the world: names.

I’ve been around a lot of expectant mothers, so I’ve heard about the turmoil they face when choosing their baby’s name. The name their offspring will live with forever.

And though I am not in a position to name anything – child, pet, car, or rock, I do want to call two names to the battlefield: common vs. unique.

Side one: Common

Easy to pronounce. Traditional. Something everyone can understand. A name everyone knows.

So common that there are hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands of people with the same name.

Choosing a well-known name for a child, traditional and common, ensures that everyone knows how to spell it (unless you decide to add some unique spelling to a common name). Teachers will know how to pronounce it. Kids will most likely not make fun of it. There are common nick names to accompany it.

All around – a common name is a win-win for all involved.

Side two: Unique

Uncommon names raise eyebrows – in good and bad ways. People wonder about the story behind the name. They question the spelling – the pronunciation. They either love or hate the uniqueness.

And kids with unique names love the attention. Or hate their parents for life.

I can’t settle this war. I get both sides. I like parts of both sides.

What about you?



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