Midwest. Represent.


So, in the above-featured photo, how many of the team jerseys pictured will be playing this weekend?

That’s right, people, 5.

Five of the teams playing in this weekend’s First Round of the NCAA Championship will be from the WCHA.

I have 4 different brackets filled out. With three different National Champions.

Anything can happen in this tourney. I just really, really hope that the refs don’t screw it up. I’ve seen too many critical games lately (State Tourney, college, pro) where the refs get a little whistle happy and forever alter a teams’ future. And I’ve seen too many weird bounces and tired legs in OT resulting in devastating outcomes.

So, for that reason alone, I will not disclose my entire bracket. Because I don’t want to jinx it. And I’m not even a superstitious person.

I just feel it best to keep this to myself. Not to bet any money on it. Or discuss it at great length.

Just to have it. Filled out.

On the bottom right corner of my second bracket is is the list of WCHA players up for the Hobey. The third kid on the list, though WCHA, is not the name I’d like to associate with the noble, Hobart Baker’s. But. I’ll take a WCHA winner over an East Coast winner (ironic that my favorite place to visit/vacation is the East Coast…).

Still. All I really, really care about when it comes to the winner of the Frozen Four and Hobey is that the WCHA proves why they are the best.

So. Midwest. Represent.




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