French Fry Friday: You did it!

You study. You work. You try.

You try harder. You work harder. You study harder.

The challenge daunts you. The challenge haunts you.

But you gut it out.

Despite doubts and fears, you push through.

Everyone thinks you’re crazy. Everyone thinks you’re lazy.

You don’t care. You take on the dare.

And in the end, because there’s always an end, you win.

All your hard work. All your blood, sweat, and tears. All of it pays off.

When you accomplish what you set out to accomplish, you are untouchable.

Because you did it. That thing that you set out to do. That thing that you love to do. That thing everyone said you couldn’t do.

You did it.

And that’s the best French Fry Friday you could ask for.


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