Wednesday Wars: Staycation vs. Vacation

Side one: Staycation

No packing. No sunburns. No need for house-sitters. No need for airport rides and car rentals. No need to stress about bad weather.

Cheap. Easy.

A chance to experience your own backyard. To catch up on household projects you love (i.e. scrapbooking, closet cleaning, sewing, painting, writing, etc.). To venture to local neighborhood eateries and try the local fare.

You’re a home. You’re happy.

Side two: Vacation

Get away. To new sights. To new sounds. To new smells. To new States.

Exploring Europe. Relaxing on the Rivera. Climbing in Colorado.

Shopping in new shops. Walking down new streets. Eating new cuisine.

A vacation. Away from the norm. Away from your home.

Take me away.


I ask. You answer.

  1. Staycation? Vacation? Which do you prefer?
  2. Favorite ‘spring break’ vacation?
  3. Favorite ‘spring break’ staycation?

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Wars: Staycation vs. Vacation

  1. VACA!!!!
    Favorite spring break….for sure Hawaii with my mother
    Favorite stayca?…I think it will be yet to come….
    Thank you for the post…now I really need to plan a vaca? Maybe Seattle?? ahaha

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