Avoiding Ikea.

Ikea - Bloomington, MN flickr.com

Somewhere along the way, I stopped liking crowded malls. I stopped enjoying the vastness of places like the Mall of America. When friends suggested gathering large groups of girls to shop at the MOA, I often opted out. And when friends request trips to Ikea, I typically refrain from joining them.

Some of you may be jealous, or maybe not, of my proximity to MOA and Ikea.

Don’t be. They are highly overrated. And quite honestly, it’s like an overcrowded day at Disney World for adults.

For reasons beyond my control, I was forced to make a trip to Ikea  two weeks ago – solo. I was slightly unprepared for it – especially since I tried carrying large items without a cart. I must have assumed the checkout was closer than it appeared on the map, because my arms almost fell off by the time I threw my stuff on the only open non-self-check-out-check-out.

That first trip was more of a re-con trip. A trip in which I did not follow the yellow-brick-arrows on the floor and went against the crowd.

The highlight of that trip was when I made a personal purchase and purchased chocolate – Marabou Swedish chocolate. I’d never actually purchased the chocolate from Ikea, due in part to my rare appearance in the store, but I had tasted the deliciousness of Marabou chocolate (and I’m not even a huge chocolate fan) in a much more authentic Swedish setting before. The chocolate was my easiest purchase of the trip.

But now, I am on here. On the World Wide Web. Searching in the U.S. Ikea store – planning a list of items I must purchase – trying to anticipate the arrows I need to follow, all while getting lost on Ikea’s menu-drop-down-related-products-over-kill website. And I’m completely overwhelmed with the giganticness of  the Swedish mega-store a parking lot away from our American mega-store.

Avoiding Ikea will not work today…

…list complete…ready to go…if I’m not back in five hours, send a search party.


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