French Fry Friday: Training and triumph

Training wheels – remember those? Many years ago they trained me how to balance. How to shift and steer. Those mini wheels kept me from falling and scraping my knees. They glided along the pavement, the noise rickety and obnoxious, comforting me as I ventured through the neighborhood.

Without the training wheels, I would have bobbled and bawled.

Without the training wheels, I would have screamed and scraped.

But then. There came a day when I outgrew my training wheels. A day when I mustered the courage to balance and steer without their support. A day when I gritted and grinned as I wobbled through the neighborhood – holding my head high.

And that day, as special as it was, prepared me for more than just a ten-speed.

It prepared me for life.

For a life that requires balancing and bobbling.

For a life that demands shifting and steering.

For a life full of training and triumph.

So. Take off the training wheels.

And have a French Fry Friday triumphant day.



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