Ho-ho-ho-Hobey Baker


All right. Things are not all right.

For starters, I have been thinking and dreaming about the color green way too much. I’ve even gone so far as to consider wearing the color green. Seriously, I almost touched a green sweatshirt at the College Shop at MOA a couple weeks ago. And I don’t even like the MOA.

On top of that, I have been writing about the color green more than I ever imagined I would on MN Meditations. And I’ve gone so far as to defend to the death and “cheer” for the color green in recent games.

Something is not right. Everything is all wrong.

But even I have to admit that the color green is all I see right now.

And rightfully so.

The boys in green, as much as this may hurt to say, deserve to go all the way.

Why? Why this year? Why now?

Besides the fact that their team identity may be stripped from them, unless the ND legislature can stop the NCAA, I can’t deny that this team is good. Hakstol and Eades always have killer teams. This we know. But there’s something else about this year’s team. Something other Sioux teams haven’t had…

They are led by a boy who threw one too many hard hits, got into one too many nasty fights, and mouthed off a bit too much – and that was just on the ice (sometimes against the Gophers – everyone remembers the Kevin Wehrs hit).

Now the boys in green are led by a man – a man who realized the error of his ways. Who made the hard choice to grow up. To quit fooling around and get serious about his life and leadership – on and off the ice.

That man is now up for a worthy award.

And rightfully so.

His stats alone are enough to make you look twice.

This year’s WCHA Player of the Year is getting the looks he deserves – of approval and admiration.

As the nation’s leading goal scorer, his play-making abilities on the Sioux’s top-line have landed him in the same bracket as former Sioux Zach Parise and Jonathan Toews. Not bad, eh?

And that’s how it should be. That’s the Hobey Baker way.

That’s the way he will lead his team through the NCAA Frozen Four this week in St. Paul.

Getting past Red’s line up of Scooter, Rust, Caporusso, Hunwick, Hogan, and Chris Brown (not the anger-management “musician”), will require a leader who understands what it means to lead. A leader who knows how to inspire and drive. A leader who knows what hard work looks like, and isn’t afraid to dig in.

That leader: Matt Frattin.




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