Wednesday Wars: Skippy versus Jif

Butter made out of peanuts. What’s not to love? PB&J are the only sandwiches I have never ever grown tired of. I slather peanut butter on my toast, bagels, english muffins, etc. every morning. And it’s deliciousness.

I grew up on Skippy. I’ve never eaten anything but Skippy PB.  It was the only brand my mom bought. And I didn’t think much of it. I didn’t think there was a big difference between Skippy and Jif. Until recently.

At my age, it is a bit ridiculous that I’m so obsessed with  this issue of PB brands, but it’s true…

A couple years ago I house-sat for a relative, and that’s when this whole PB brand issue arose. After my stay at the relative’s house, I started asking other relatives what their favorite brand of peanuty-butter was. And to my shock and awe, they said JIF! They grew up on Jif; it was the only brand their mom (my mom’s sister) bought. I had sort of forgotten about this family war of Skippy versus Jif, until a couple weeks ago when I was at a different cousin’s house and opened her cupboard one morning to find JIF! Not again! Not another cousin! Opening that jar of Jif was like opening a can of worms. Because the other day, I asked another relative what PB brand she purchases – JIF. AGAIN!

So, this week’s Wednesday Wars is simple: Skippy versus Jif?


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