French Fry Friday: 90’s

Sometimes I think back to simpler times. The 1990’s.

I smile. I laugh. I cringe.

When I realize those were good days. When I realize those were fun times. When I realize what I wore.

Today’s French Fry Friday is a tribute to the 90’s – to leggings, big glasses, and scrunchies.

Brands and trends we used to love (and wear):

Esprit. Guess. Gap. Z. Cavaricci. Jelly Shoes. Umbro soccer shorts. “Swishy” pants w/matching jackets. Oversized Nike/Adidas sweatshirts. Starter Jackets. Fubu. Structure. Jean bib overalls (from the Gap). Baggy jeans. Flannel shirts. Doc Martens. Stick-on earrings (ears, cheeks, etc.). Slap bracelets. Slip on shoes. Sneakers with Velcro. Leggings w/ white socks. BUM.

Things we watched with characters we loved:

Full House. Step By Step. Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper. Sister, Sister. Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Home Improvement. Saved By the Bell. Nickelodeon – game shows, Clarissa Explains It All, Doug, The Rugrats, Hey Dude, Salute Your Shorts, ETC. Family Matters. California Dreams. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Wishbone. Arthur. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The Flintstones. The Jetsons.

Movies we paid to go see:

Home Alone (still a classic). The Addam’s Family. Hook. Beethoven. The Mighty Ducks. Free Willy. Mrs. Doubtfire. Rookie of the Year. The Sandlot (love it). The Little Rascals. Richie Rich. The Big Green. Heavyweights. It Takes Two. First Kid. Matilda. Air Bud. Space Jam. George of the Jungle. Jack Frost. Mighty Joe Young. The Parent Trap. The Baby-Sitters Club. Clueless.

Food we ate in the 90’s:

Koala Yummies. Gushers. Ringpops. Laffy Taffy. Surge. Bugles. Fruit by the Foot. Warheads. Push Pops. Pizza Rolls. Bubble Tape. Ritz Air Crisps. Lunchables. Pop Rocks. Shock Tarts.Fruity Pebbles. Frosted Flakes. Yo-J. Spaghetti-O’s.Dunkaroos. Hi-C. Fruit Roll-ups. Pizza Bagel Bites.

Things we had to have:

Giga Pets. Gack. Bouncy balls. Skip It. Tamagatchis. Super Soakers. Spirograph. Koosh ball. Pogs. Beanie Babies. Pokemon. Barbie. Power Rangers. G.I. Joe’s. Legos. Furby. Roller Blades. Monopoly. Candy Land. Connect Four. Ker-Plunk. Clue. Girl Talk. Jenga. Sorry. Pretty Pretty Princess. Life. Yikes Pencils. Lisa Frank. Caboodles. Lip Smackers. Super Nintendo. Huffy Bikes.

Books we read as kids:

Berenstein Bears. Where’s Waldo? Goosebumps. The Baby-Sitter’s Club. The Boxcar Children. Judy Blume Books. The Little House on the Prairie. Mercer Mayer books. Amelia Bedelia.

We said what?

Psych. As If. Don’t have a cow. Take a chill pill. Why don’t you marry it. Talk to the hand. Phat. Dawg. NOT (at the end of a sentence). Whack. Whatever. Whoa. Say what? Fine then, be like that. Smack. Don’t even go there. Cool your jets. Did I do that? (thanks to Urkel). How Rude (Stephanie Tanner). Whoop there it is. True that. Off the hook. Oh Snap.

Music we listened to on the radio, Walkman’s, and Boomboxes:

Spice Girls. Ace of Base. Backstreet Boys. ‘N Sync. Hanson. Celine Dion. Ricky Martin. Smash Mouth. Mambo No. 5. Chumbawumba. Hold On – Wilson Phillips. Sugar Ray. House of Pain – Jump Around. TLC. EMF – Unbelievable. Mariah Carey. Cher – Believe. The Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be (500 miles). Deana Carter – Strawberry Wine. Trisha Yearwood. Jo Dee Messina. Billy Ray Cyrus – Achy Breaky Heart. Dixie Chicks – There’s Your Trouble.

The 90’s. Love it. Hate it. I don’t care.

But everything mentioned in this post – made you smile.

Have a French Fry Friday 1990’s kind of day!


2 thoughts on “French Fry Friday: 90’s

  1. I LOVE THIS!!
    where did you come up with all these..ALL of them made me smile..and some of them still have places in my life!! yay! i love it!

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