Wednesday Wars: Kid cars vs. Kids’ cars

Side one: Kid cars

I remember coveting these clever cars when I was a little kid. Wishing and hoping that every time I circled a Power Wheels car in the Fleet Farm and Toys’R’Us catalogs that my parents would suddenly feel inspired to purchase one for me. My very own car.

The green monster of jealousy would always overcome me anytime I saw a kid in the neighborhood cruising around in their Jeep.

And I’d wish upon a star that I would someday get my very own Barbie-pink Jeep.


The fun of riding around in a kid-sized vehicle has not worn off since my childhood days. I paged through the Toys’R’Us ad the other day, just because, and saw an entire page devoted to Power Wheels inspired kid cars. Clearly these cars are still a hot commodity.

For $300 +/- you could put a smile on your kids’ face for a lifetime. Think of the hours they could spend ruining, er, driving through your lawn, whizzing down the sidewalk hitting every ankle in their path.

Now that I am no where near defending and debating the reasons for not buying over-priced kid cars for my own unborn children, I get why my parents held out. I understand why they didn’t fork over the ridiculous amount of cash for a cheap toy that requires batteries, maintenance, and a helmet. It wasn’t because they wanted me to get more exercise and actually bike, rollerblade, and walk around the block. No, it was because they understood side two.

Side two: Kids’ cars

A few years after I quit wanting a Barbie Jeep, I started paging through newspaper ads for the next-model-up. A big girl car.

A real car. With real wheels and real doors and real brakes.

I clipped papers. I shopped online. I drooled over new makes and models. I envisioned myself in every cool car imaginable.

And my parents, the ones who vetoed the Barbie-pink Jeep, they listened. They clipped papers. They checked the Blue Book. They shopped online. They talked to dealerships.

And they bought it. Not when I was 16. But when I was 18.

They presented me with a safe, reliable, and actually fairly “cool” car of my very own. One I could drive around town, not in the lawn or on sidewalks, but on highways and byways.

And if you ask me, I think they made the better choice. They held out for the real deal. And instead of giving me what I wanted when I was too little to know what I wanted, they gave me what I needed when I was old enough to need it.

What’ll it be: kid cars or kids’ cars?


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