Wednesday Wars: PC vs Mac

I’m running on borrowed time.

Eight years and the wireless thingy in my computer is no longer operating. I’m using a $10 external wireless device doohickey, but it’s time that I start the search for a new laptop. Because the day is near when this baby will crash and burn.

Though I did not name this currently dying laptop, do not think that I don’t love this piece of machinery. I have had many, many good memories with it. Tons of papers have been drafted and perfected on this sucker. My entire facebooking life has occurred on this computer. The letters “M” and “N” have completely rubbed off the familiar keyboard from years of use. That’s how much I use it (and type my name, apparently).

I can count on one hand the number of problems I’ve had with this computer (excluding self-inflicted and innocent virus issues). And I still have extra fingers.

Those fingers are frantically searching. Looking online for a new laptop.

And like so many people before me, I’m asking –

Side one: PC versus Side two: Mac.

Which one should I choose?


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wars: PC vs Mac

  1. We are almost approaching the same issue – needing a new laptop. Many people we know have converted to Mac … we’ve always been PC … I don’t know what we will do … I will likely leave the choice up to da man. After all, he would be the one who will do all the fun stuff (maintenance, problem solving, etc.)

    • yes, i have so many friends who have gone mac and tell all say it’s the best…ah! i still don’t know though…i’m so much more efficient on a pc because it’s what i’ve always used. ha – the “fun stuff.” computers – can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em!

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