French Fry Friday: play ball

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For as much hockey as I watch, talk, and write, I can still appreciate a good ball game.

 A couple weeks ago, I had the privilege of taking in an afternoon ball game at Target Field.
I’d never been before, but was anxious to check out what all the hub-bub was about.
The minute you walk into Target Field, you get it. You understand why everyone has been gushing about the place. It truly is an amazing field of dreams. And although it was cold and windy where we sat, we Minnesotans sucked it up, and cheered on the Twins of our Cities.
The entire experience of Target Field, including the sometimes frigid temps, is so compeltely Minnesotan in nature. In fact, Target Field, the day I was there, seemed to be one big Minnesota get-together!
I ran into one of my cousins, actually the same cousin I ran into at the Gopher hockey game I attended back in February. We both marveled at the irony of seeing each other at another sporting event. Guess you can tell that we’re family. And then making my way through the crazy crowds, someone grabbed my arm, and I looked back to see that it was someone I’d gone to college with. And then everyone I attended the game with seemed to run into someone they knew, too.
And. I realized that baseball, played in the great outdoors, compelte with a hot dog, brings Minnesotans together. In a very similar way as Minnesota hockey.
So, play ball. And have a French Fry Friday kind of day.

3 thoughts on “French Fry Friday: play ball

  1. Going to the Twins was a nice experience for us last year but in any case, I would take in HOCKEY over baseball anytime! I know hockey is mainly in winter (I hate winter) but that’s me … LOVE hockey!

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