Wednesday Wars: car wash vs. washing the car

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During the winter, I very rarely wash my car. What’s the point? In the winter, my car is covered with snow, ice, salt, and slush. Constantly.

I’ve tried to keep it clean in the winter.

Except the minute I fork over a boat load of cash for a car wash, another snow storm hits, bringing with it a whole ton of snow, ice, salt, and slush.

Total waste of money.

But in the spring, I like a  squeaky-clean car.

Unfortunately, I don’t drive down many country, dirt roads. There are days when I wish my car was filthy-dirty with dirt-road dirt.

It’s not. Very often.

So, keeping my vehicle clean is fairly easy.

But I face a dilemma every time I need my car washed.

A dilemma I’m sure you may also face.

Side one: car wash

After gassing up, spending your entire paycheck on a tank of gas, you run into the gas station and pay. They ask you if you’d like a car wash. You glance out the window to the pump where you car is parked. Eying the dirt and grime, you say, “sure.” More money is due. You pay it. And a receipt with a special code is printed just for you.

Out the door, into your car, you pull around to the car wash. You punch in the code. And pull your car forward – onto the tracks – and put it in neutral. The mist starts misting. The baby pink and baby blue soaps start dropping on your windshield. The rotating brushes start rotating and scrubbing. The hoses give your wheels a good spray. You sit. In neutral. Watching the entire thing unfold. And random thoughts cross your mind – “what would happen if I get stuck in here?” and “what would happen if I opened my car door?” Finally, your car is washed and rinsed. Time to pull forward for the drying. Water is blasted off your car. And before you know it, you’re done. Your car is clean and ready for the road.

Side two: washing the car

A dirty car. A driveway. A bucket and sponge. Soap and a garden hose. A sunny, summer day. That’s all it takes.

Some music and friends make it even better.

It’s hardly work when you’re having fun. When you’re scrubbing and shining your automobile.

working at the car wash…


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wars: car wash vs. washing the car

  1. No questions asked washing the car..if there is music its so much fun! PS..I still cant figure out how to subsribe

    • Lisa – you see the top right part of the blog where it says “You’ve Got Mail” and then a box underneath it? Just put in your email address in it … you might be asked to type in a code that you see in another box (probably to prevent from spam). You will then get an email to click on to complete the registration for getting this blog updates/subscription.

  2. My husband is a clean car freak (inside and out). I just let him deal with it! In the winter, we check the weather to see what it is like the next few days … if no snow is forcasted, we dared to get it washed. A few times, Alex has made the mistake of forgetting to check the forecast … yup you guessed it – it snowed the next morning!

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