French Fry Friday: don’t quote me on that

Today’s society lives by quotes. We quote till we’re blue in the face.

Love quotes. Friendship quotes. Life quotes. Hard working quotes. Childhood quotes. Movie quotes. Book quotes. Celebrity quotes. Family quotes. Music quotes. Sports quotes. School quotes.
Quotes. Quotes. And more quotes.
Websites are devoted to quotes.
Books are filled with pages of quotes.
Home decor revolves around sentimental and sarcastic quotes.
Yet, the best quotes in life are the ones we write. The ones we say in moments of brilliance and sleep-deprivation. The ones we whip out in witty fashion. The ones “you had to be there” to understand. The ones we say over and over again, but never tire of. The ones we make up with friends. The ones we say on accident due to tied tongues and Freudian slips.
Those quotes are the bestest.
Quotes we can recall from childhood are the ones that give us glimpses into the moments we shared with friends long gone and grown.
Smiles, giggles, belly-busting laughter, and smirks spill forth whenever I recall quotes from sleepovers, camp, car rides, classrooms, kids, and co-workers.
And the thing about these quotes – unlike the popular celebrity phrases and wall-decor – is that these quotes are yours. They belong to the people who were there with you. The people who inspired the quotes in the first place.
Just this week, I can think of two dozen quotes from random conversations and meetings. I crack up laughing over some of them – their sheer oddness. I repeat them in front of people who were there – people who find them equally hilarious. Were I to quote them on here for you to read, you’d probably not find the same humor in them as I do. But know that they are funnier than funny can be!
While there are famous quoters out there, media and philosophical geniuses, the best quotes are the ones that don’t become Google search engine hits. The ones that don’t make it onto cards and wall hangings. The best quotes are the ones your friends blurt out. The best quotes are the ones you blurt out.
Because those are the quotes that life is built on. The quotes that mean more than any catchy slogan or “it” saying will ever match.
Have a don’t  quote me on that French Fry Friday kind of day.
And you can quote me on that.
I ask. You answer.
  1. Favorite random quote?

3 thoughts on “French Fry Friday: don’t quote me on that

  1. spiffy do
    lets debrief
    i cant see in the window.
    sheep like cookies
    what if we called it the emily spidey ball? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    youre gonna cry
    we need yout o go down to the dock and hold the metal pole to see if its still lightning
    chicken legs
    day one: snakes are mammals day two: snake eats the mouse. i love you corny. i am a scientist
    do you like her with or without bangs?

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