French Fry Friday: Flip Flops

Funny story: I used to hate flip flops. I refused to wear them when I was a kid. I absolutely loathed the idea of having something wedged between my toes.
I had to graduate from college in order to like flip flops.
I’ve been a flip flop wearer for three years now.
I’m kind of picky about the brand I buy and the style! But I am now a full-fledged flip flop card carrier. The owner of multiple pairs, I now get super excited when flip flops hit the store floors in the spring (I just bought two pairs of Reef flip flops at Nordstrom Rack and love them).
I kind of get why some people could live in flip flops and wear them year-round. Although Minnesotans can’t quite pull it off. Unless you’re Danny Kristo (UND) and you decide to walk around campus in the dead of winter wearing your Birkenstock’s (or whatever he was or wasn’t wearing on his feet). Frostbite is not a manly way to get on the DL.
Still, the fact that I consider flip flops my summer shoe of choice is a huge deal. Not because of my childhood aversion to them – but because I think feet are stinky, sweaty, and plain nasty.
With that, have a flip flop French Fry Friday kind of day!
I ask. You answer.
  1. Favorite pair of flip flops?
  2. Have you always worn flip flops or did you convert late in life?

One thought on “French Fry Friday: Flip Flops

  1. I love my plain old plastic old navy flops…have worn them year after year (well multiple pair). So that said..I have been an avid wearer! Yay for flops!!

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