Wednesday Wars: Windows down Vs. AC

Side one: windows down


Side two: AC

As a seasonal allergy sufferer, I prefer side two. Were it not for yellow dust and cotton floating through the air, I would be all for windows down. But in order to avoid a runny nose like a two-year-old and itchy eyes, I must cool myself down with conditioned air.

Side one or side two?



2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wars: Windows down Vs. AC

  1. I am side 1 and 2 … it depends on the time of day. If it is during work – and depending on the temps, I may use the windows … but if it’s hot out and I am working during the day (in between appointments/meetings), I may revert to side 2 so I don’t get so sweaty/smelly and messy hair. Usually at the end of the day, I will have the windows open for a while then turn on the AC. Again, it depends on the temps and time of day. There’s a bunch of scrutchies on my gear shift so I can pull my hair in a ponytail when I have the windows open.

  2. cant have the windows down if you want your hair to stay nice..but it feels great to have the wind blowing through the car too!

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