French Fry Friday: everyday routines

It’s no secret that I love routines (ex: eating breakfast and reading the paper). Though I am able to vary my routines and I can be spontaneous, I really like the natural routines of life. Of every stage of life.
They defined periods of my childhood, youth, and adulthood. Some were strategic – planned by my parents – like potty training and bathtime. Others were grown out of necessity – created by me – like study time and fun time.
And even though summer sometimes means less structure for kids – it is not always the case.
Many summer routines come to mind – my childhood summers, my youth summers, my college summers, my nanny summers (one such summer is on my top 3 summers – ever!), my post-graduation-adulthood summers.
The last summer where I can distinctly remember my routines was two years ago. Every morning we (my roommates and I) would wake up, look out the window at the weather, and prep for the day. Showers and sunscreen. Lunch making and packing. Talking and laughing. And country music video watching and singing (sometimes we threw in an interpretive dance).
Without fail we did this.
And then we’d walk to where we needed to walk. We’d do our daily routine – depending on the weather and the schedule created for us (or that we’d create).
At night, we had some staple routines. DQ runs were quite common. Fishing, tubing, and swimming were others. When we had the chance, we rollerbladed and ran. We roasted ‘mallows and lit fires. Sometimes we drove around and explored the sights. Dinner – we stirred and microwaved, eating semi-healthy, mostly junk food. We ate Barrel O’Fun chips by the bag. We made up our own games and entertainment. Sometimes we popped in a movie or watched a show. But mainly we just read books and magazines. And every night, we talked and teased.
Those routines did not define us. They were just a part of us and what we did.
And they were our everyday routines. Routines we can never follow again. Because the routines centered on the specific summer and people who were there.
But every season of life brings with it new routines. New everydays. And like the everyday routines before it – they can be created out of necessity or fun.
I don’t know all of your routines – I don’t know what you do everyday, but I hope that today you have an everyday routine French Fry Friday.
I ask. You answer.
  1. Any everyday routines that stick out to you?!
  2. Are you able to deviate from your routines, or do you get caught up on them too much?

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