Wednesday Wars: hot dog vs. corn dog

Grills a’blazing and condiments a’squirting – it is summertime (finally) in Minnesota.

And I gotta admit, I could eat grilled food every single day of the summer.

As much as I love beef burgers, salmon burgers, chicken, and fish grilled over the hot flame, I absolutely love hot dogs. We are not going to discuss what goes into a hot dog!

I love home-made grilled hotdogs (and no, hot dogs do not go well chopped up and stirred into mac and cheese!). I love Costco hotdogs! And last week, I discovered yet another place to grab a dog!

Home Depot.

Who knew they made Nathan’s brand hot dogs, sold State Fair brand corn dogs, and mini-donuts fresh out of the deep fryer?!!?

Mini donuts were my first find. And then a few days later, my tummy rumbling for lunch, I stopped by the home improvement store for a Nathan’s hot dog.

And boy, was I happy.

I debated, for quite some time between the hot dog and the corn dog. Both are delicious covered in mustard. And when the girl at the stand asked me what I wanted, I thought twice before declaring – the hot dog as my lunch of choice.

It’s a tough call.

Side one: hot dog


Side two: corn dog

So, the next time you need a quick lunch – delicious and fried – stop by your local Home Depot and choose between a hot dog or corn dog. Either way, I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed!


One thought on “Wednesday Wars: hot dog vs. corn dog

  1. HOT DOG!!!!! But corn dogs come in a at a close second…I have to go with hot dogs for the simple fact they taste better grilled, over the fire, boiled, dare I even say microwaved…See you soon! PS please changes your welcome statement..jackets and mittens are no longer needed 🙂

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