French Fry Friday: Parks that amuse

Wristbands. Water rides. Rollercoasters.
Amusement parks date back many years – ricekty old rollercoasters and ferris wheels.
And summertime is the best time to go. To slide down giant watery slides. To swim in wave pools and lay on lazy rivers. To throw up your arms and whatever else comes out. To eat junk food and candy in the form of cotton.
The smell of amusement parks are very distinct – chlorine and cotton candy with a tint of pronto pups and other fried delights. Of course, no amusement park is compelte without the smells of sunscreen and screaming children (covered with sunscreen and cotton candy).
When I was young, I enjoyed our one and only ValleyFair. I ventured to places like Busch Gardens and Disney World, as well as multiple Six Flags locations, Camp Snoopy (MOA), Wisconsin Dells (numerous times), and some amusement park in Colorado.
All of those parks offered what they marketed – fun, fun, and more fun.
Some of my favorite quotes, moments, and summer vacations took place at amusement parks.
I haven’t been to ValleyFair since I was in high school (16 years old?). I had a horrible experience at Six Flags in Atlanta (I took an hour+long nap in the first aid building and when I woke up, I thought I was in an army hospital – dehydration and hallucination).
But despite the lenght of time that’s passed since my last wrist band and waterslide, and my wretched Atlanta experience, I still say that amusement parks are the place to be in the summertime.
Have a roller coaster of a ride French Fry Friday.
I ask. You answer.
  1. Favorite amusement park?
  2. What is your favorite roller coaster/ride?
  3. Any bad experiences from rides and slides?

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