Wednesday Wars: Hot vs. Cold

Temps reaching into the 90’s with humidity hammering the heat right into me, I often find myself whining (like a toddler) over that kind of weather.

Though I am not a fan of below freezing temps in the winter, I have continued to live in this state because of the seasons.

All 4 of them.

That is, when we actually experience all 4. We seemed to spring right into summer this year – from winter wonderland to hot and sticky and then back to freezing our gizzards off.

I feel a debate coming on…

Side one: hot

Sweaty arm pits occur upon stepping outside. The humidity sucks the breath right out of you. You can’t reach a level of comfort unless you’re immersed in water 24/7. Sun beats down on your skin until it boils. And your insides feel like they’re going to burst from your body. Water is consumed and sweated off instantly. If you could wear your swimsuit to work and carry a Squeeze-Breeze around your neck, you’d so do it. The thought of having a bonfire makes you want to puke.

Side two: cold

Shivers up the spine. Chattering teeth. You wear base layers and fleece, hats and mittens, scarves and balaclava’s, stuff yourself full of hand, foot, and body warmers, and wrap yourself in blankets – electric and regular. Your ears ache in the cold, the wind blows through your body like a sail. Every breath you breathe is frozen and frigid. You’d cuddle with a procuipine if it meant you’d be warm.

I choose side two.

Wouldn’t you?


One thought on “Wednesday Wars: Hot vs. Cold

  1. Can I say side fall?
    PS the weather for Friday is isolated thunderboomers with a 30% chance of rain..
    Pack accordingly

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