French Fry Friday: Outdoor spaces

mnmeditations original photo

Recent runs and summertime-like weather has me thinking about outdoor spaces.

Swingsets and tire swings. Lakefronts and beaches. Tree forts and tennis courts. Swimming pools and garden hoses. Woods and wind. Pavement and gravel.

These are all found outdoors.

And everyone has a favorite space to call their own. I hope.

Everyone remembers their favorite outdoor space from childhood. I hope.

Sitting under a shady tree. Walking along the waterfront. Running along a park path.

A couple summers ago I had a favorite space outdoors in the woods. There was something unique about this one spot in the woods that I played in. The road curved just so. The trees bent and swayed in the breeze, inviting you to stop and stare. The sun filtered through the trees, dancing along the road. Fallen trees and greener than green plants laid along the groud.

And that spot.

That exact spot. In the woods was peer perfection. A feeling or serenity washed over me everytime I stood in that spot.

Because it was my outdoor space. The space that I shared with everyone else who walked those woods.

I haven’t been in those woods in a long time. And there are days when I ache to be back in that space. To be enveloped in its color and warmth, shade and breeze.

While I cannot walk those woods as I once did, I hold onto the moments I experienced along the dirt path.

Wherever you’re living, concrete or woods, I hope you can find an outdoor space to call your own.

Have a French Fry Friday kind of day!


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