Wednesday Wars: Paper Towel vs. Dryer

Public restrooms cannot be avoided. No matter how hard I try. Some are more pleasant than others. But none are all roses and sunshine.

Aside from the actual toilet part of the bathroom, and the germ-filled faucets and doors, the other part of public restrooms that completely freak me out are hand dryers.

I’m just going to be honest and say that this Wednesday War need not be argued for my sake. I will take a roll of paper towels over an electric hand dryer any day. In any bathroom.

Droplets of germs blowing all over my hands is like licking a railing at a hockey rink. Lose-lose situation.

But in all fairness to Wednesday Wars I need to ask which one you prefer – side one: paper towels or side two: dryer?

You can argue about trees and forests diminishing from the face of the planet. But I can argue about the electricity required to run that hand dryer.

At least we can all agree that public restrooms are dirty.


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