French Fry Friday: Minnesota hoodie summers

none other than

Spend a minute in Minnesota and you’ll be begging for one.

Summer nights here can be warm and muggy. But mostly their cool and buggy.

Camping chairs encircling a blazing bonfire, blankets on the grass, sunsets while sitting on the dock, moonlight boat rides, night games and ghost stories.

Whatever you find yourself participating in on a summer evening in Minnesota, I can guarantee you’ll be grabbing one – your own, a friend’s, a strangers.

We’re not picky.

We share.

If we offer, you accept.

If we offer you a Terry Redlin inspired design, you don’t complain.

If we offer you a pink and frilly font, you keep your thoughts to yourself.

If we offer, you say “Thanks.”

It’s rude if you don’t.

Despite the design, you look ridiculous if you don’t accept.

Cold and bug-bitten, you’ll regret not pulling one on.

Mosquitoes go straight for your ears – buzzing and biting – so you’ll need to put the hood up and cinch it tight.

We won’t laugh if you look silly.

We won’t get mad if it smells like bonfire and bug spray, lake and woods.

When Winnipeg sends us a cool breeze, we wouldn’t want you to freeze.

When winter ends and summer begins, that’s when we rummage through our closets.

You won’t survive a Minnesota summer without a fleece-lined zip-pull-over-hooded sweatshirt.

Hoodies make our summers more magical. Hoodies make our memories more memorable.

Hoodies are nice here. And so are we.

Only the mosquitoes bite.

Good thing we always carry around an extra hoodie.

Have a Minnesota hoodie summer kind of French Fry Friday!


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