Locked and loaded


2011-2012. The season hasn’t begun. And for the NFL and NBA, it won’t begin again.

Now, you’ll have to forgive my complete ignorance when it comes to football and basketball. If you know me at all, you know that I follow high school, college, junior, and pro hockey. Although I do watch the occassional MLB game and can get pretty into it.

But my head is not buried in the sand. I do know that the NFL and the NBA will not carry on this year.

That agreements couldn’t be agreed upon.

That players will not be tying their cleats and sneakers.

That touchdowns will not be scored. That baskets will not be swooshed.

All you NFL and NBA fans out there – take heart and take up a new sport: hockey.

Because it’s on with the show for the NHL.

So, tune in this fall to check out the only pro sport available. You’ll wonder why it took the NFL and NBA so long to lockout simultaneously.

2011-2012 NHL season.

Be there.


2 thoughts on “Locked and loaded

  1. I’m not following the lockout crap stuff … I just want players to accept their enormous salaries (it’s more than what most Americans/Canadians get in a year or lifetime to some) and just play their sports. Waiting for October for the hockey season, but I can wait … I am just enjoying what’s now called a SUMMER – it actually came to MN!

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